Strive to Drive

Strive to Drive is a 90-minute high school classroom activity that applies personal finance concepts to the process of buying a car. Students are guided through the car-buying process through a game board and set of activity cards.

Working in small groups, students will be guided through the process of finding a job, researching and selecting a vehicle, obtaining insurance, and considering how to pay for and maintain their car. This activity may be broken into two class periods and is recommended for teachers working with students in the area of personal finance.

Each Strive to Drive kit consists of six gameboards, six sets of activity cards and a teacher’s guide. One kit should sufficiently handle a class of 24-30 students.

Kits are provided free to teachers through grants to the Ohio Council on Economic Education (Ohio CEE). Quantities are limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact us at 614.228.1593 to request a kit.

EDUCATORS: Click here to download the Strive to Drive Teacher’s Guide.