Lesson Plans

Our insurance-themed lesson plans are geared toward high school students (9-12) in any course curriculum that includes auto, home or liability insurance.

With changes in educational delivery systems, we encourage educators to align these lesson plans with the content standards and benchmarks for the course they are teaching. Additionally teachers should be able to make connections to the performance indicators from Ohio’s learning standards, making the teaching of insurance relevant for today’s students.

Be sure to check out our teaching tools resource page. All resources are free and designed to assist in teaching insurance concepts.

Additional resources
Our partners at Griffith Insurance Education Foundation (GIEF) offer a variety of lesson planning resources to help you create relevant and valuable programs for students. Its Lessons Plans and Projects page is designed to help educate high school students with the most up-to-date information about their current and future insurance needs.

The GIEF lesson plans, endorsed by OII, allow you to teach from modules that best fit your classroom needs. Lesson plans are provided in 30, 60 or 120 minute increments by topic.

Topics include auto, homeowners, life and health insurance, and insurance careers. Visit GIEF’s Lessons Plans and Projects page for more.