DVD & CD Library

OII’s loan library offers teachers a variety of tools for classroom use, including DVDs and CDs. And we even pay the shipping charges. Schedule by using our online order form.

CD Loan Library
Teaching Your Teen to Drive
teendrive_dropshadow Donated by AAA, this CD covers many safe driving skills necessary for all new drivers.
How We All Benefit from Insurance
basic_ins_concepts_cd This interactive CD provides a concise overview of insurance basics (life, health, auto and home/renters) geared toward students. It’s provided by the Missouri Insurance Education Foundation.
DVD Loan Library
Red Asphalt V (15 minutes)
Frightens viewers into driving safely—a “scare” movie.
Risk-Responsibility-Reality: How Insurance Works
Donated by the Griffith Insurance Education Foundation, this kit is a great supplemental learning tool for teaching students about insurance and risk management concepts by promoting personal responsibility.
Free Master DVD
Schools can receive a FREE DVD that includes the following titles to use as an in-house resource.
Assignment Tomorrow (10 minutes)
Auto Insurance and You(th) (7 minutes)
Auto Insurance: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (10 minutes)
Principles of Insurance (7 minutes)
Young Drivers: The High Risk Years (16 minutes)
Stresses the need for increased “behind the wheel” driving experience and includes real life stories of teen fatalities.
Understanding Car Crashes: It’s Basic Physics (22 minutes)
Provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, this video uses a series of vehicle maneuvers on a test track plus filmed results of vehicle crash tests to relate crash forces and inertia, momentum and impulse and other physics concepts. A great tool for physics and math classes to convey important driving safety issues.

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