Consumer Fact Pak

Consumer Fact Pak brochures

Our 10-pack of brochures guides you through the complexities of auto and homeowners insurance, and selected Ohio laws. Since we’re also in the loss prevention business, additional brochures provide loss prevention tips and safety measures to help prevent injury and costly repairs. Download a brochure, or request brochures be sent to you by filling out the request form.

Auto Insurance

Outlines the types of coverage available to help you become a better-informed auto insurance consumer.

Flood Insurance

Get the facts on flood insurance including the types of coverage available, eligibility and flood safety tips.

Ohio’s Financial Responsibility Law

Although Ohio doesn’t require auto insurance, most Ohioans comply with the law by maintaining auto insurance. This brochure provides an update of the law’s provisions to help you understand your options.

Insurance Consumer Tips

Here’s most everything you need to know to become a savvy insurance consumer including how to shop and how to save on insurance.

Auto Accident Checklist

Here’s what to do if you’re involved in an accident, including a handy checklist. A great glove compartment companion.

Crime Prevention Tips

Insurance companies are also in the loss prevention business. Provided are tips to help deter crime and protect your assets.

Ohio’s Point System for Traffic Violations

A handy guide to point allocations for various Ohio speeding and traffic violations.

Tornado Safety Tips

Tornadoes can happen year round. These tips for before, during and after a tornado can be lifesavers.

Homeowners, Renters & Condo Insurance

Explains coverage and types of policies available to homeowners and renters, as well as how premiums are determined.

Winter Safety Tips

Here’s how to prepare your home and auto for Ohio’s harshest season, along with helpful winter survival tips.