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Below are selected presentations from past OII events.

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Insurance Ed. Day: Life & Technology in the World of Insurance, April 6, 2017

Industry Workforce Issues and Initiatives
Bill LaFayette, Owner, Regionomics
Insurance Workforce in Ohio (View PDF)
Jaya Yoo, Senior Vice President & Practice Leader, Paul Werth Associates
The Insurance Industry: Why Does It Matter in Ohio? (View PDF)

Autonomous Vehicles
Andrew Bremer, Deputy Director of Strategic Initiative and Programs, Ohio Department of Transportation

Smart Mobility in Ohio (View PDF)

Emerging Issues: Cyber Security
Charlie Kingdollar, VP, Gen Re
(View PDF)

OII Midyear Meeting, March 8, 2017

Insurance Industry Resource Council Update
(View PDF)
Mark Russell
, President & CEO, Ohio Mutual Insurance Group

Sandy Harbrecht, President & CEO, Paul Werth Associates

Insurance Education Day: From Drones to Driverless Cars,
April 20, 2016

IIHS Highway Safety Initiatives
(View PDF)
Kim Hazelbaker, Senior VP, IIHS/HLDI

Drones: Insurance Exposure? Industry Tool? Both?
(View PDF)
Jeff Spaulding, Training Coordinator, Fire and Explosion Consultants, LLC

Driverless Cars
(View PDF)
Ridge Muhly
, Vice President, Treaty Account Executive, Gen Re

2015 OII/OAMIC/B&E Fall Seminar: The Future Is Now

Industry Regulatory Update
(View PDF)
2015 ODI Rules
(View PDF)

Kevin Kinross and Greg Lestini, Bricker & Eckler

Ohio’s Insurance Education and Careers Initiative
(View PDF)
Cheryl Hay, Deputy Chancellor, Higher Education, Ohio Board of Regents

nsuring Ohio Futures: Attracting the Next Generation of Insurance Talent

(View PDF)
Brent Maurer, Vice President, Paul Werth Associates

OII Annual Meeting, September 1-2, 2015

Telling the Story of Insurance in a Digital World
(View PDF)
John Millen, communications coach, speaker and strategistThe Reputation Group

Insurance Education Day: Insurance 360: Bringing The Future Into Focus April 15, 2015

Small Business Cyber Risks
(View PDF)
Corey Dunbar, Asst. VP, Market Development

Hartford Steam Boiler, Munich Re

Social Media Marketing
(View PDF)
Paul Roetzer
Founder & CEO

PR 20/20

Predictive Modeling
(View PDF)
Tim Crespin, AVP-Director, Predictive Modeling

State Auto Insurance Companies

OII/OAMIC/B&E Fall Seminar: Change + Challenge = Opportunity – October 16, 2014 

The Values and Advantages of Being a Reinsurer to the Mutual Sector

Robin Etheridge, Underwriter
Amlin PLC – London, United Kingdom

Cyber Liability: Its Impact to Consumers & Insurers
(View PDF)
Eduard Goodman, Chief Privacy Officer

IDentity Theft 911

NAIC’s Corporate Governance Model Regulation
Bill Harrington, Chief Examiner, Ohio Department of Insurance
(View PDF

 Understanding the New Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure
(View PDF)
Kevin Kinross, Bricker & Eckler

Insurance Update from Washington
(View PDF)
Jimi Grande
, Senior Vice President, Federal and Political Affairs

National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC)

Ride Share With Care
(View PDF)

Jeffrey Junkas, Regional Manager, State Government Relations
Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI)

OII Annual Meeting, August, 26-27, 2014

Crisis Communications and Reputation Management
(View PDF) (View Handout)
Bruce Hennes, 
Hennes Paynter Communications

The Griffith Foundation/The Institutes InsureMyPath Update
(View PDF)
Jason Terrell, 
The Griffith Foundation

Insuring Ohio Futures – Program Update
(View PDF)
Brent Maurer, 
Paul Werth & Associates

Insurance Education Day, The 21st Century: Now What? April 9, 2014


How Has the PC Industry Been Affected by High CAT Losses?
(View PDF)
Dr. Robert P. Hartwig

Insurance Information Institute

Crash Avoidance Systems & Other Advancements in Vehicle Safety
(View PDF)

Kim Hazelbaker
Highway Loss Data Institute/Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Safe Driving Vehicles and Their Impact on Our Industry
(View PDF)
Dr. Alain Kornhauser

Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering (PAVE)

Engaging the Generations Through Social Media
(View PDF)
Jeannine A. Giesler, Diversified Insurance Services

Katie Peet,State Auto Insurance Companies
Paul Roetzer, PR20/20
Jason Terrell, Griffith Insurance Education Foundation

OII/OAMIC/B&E Fall Seminar: Meeting the Challenge – October 24, 2013

Affordable Care Act: Employers Shared Responsibility Update
(View PDF)
Margaret M. Baron, Bricker & Eckler LLP

Fair Labor Standards Act & Other Employment Issues
(View PDF)
Elizabeth C. Stock, Bricker & Eckler LLP

Insurance Update from Washington
(View PDF)

Jimi Grande, Sr. VP, Federal & Political Affairs, NAMIC

Natural Gas Drilling: Who’s Covered and for What?
(View PDF)
Charlie Kingdollar, VP-Emerging Issues Unit, GenRe

OII Annual Meeting, August 27-28, 2013


Fooling Ourselves-Why Do We Drive Distracted?
(View PDF)
Paul Atchley, PH.D.
U. of Kansas, Dept. of Psychology

Managing Risk Through Mitigation: IBHS in Action
(View PDF)
Debra Ballen, Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety

GIEF: Public Policymaker Education Program Overview and Update
(View PDF)
Melissa Wheeler
The Griffith Insurance Education Foundation

Insuring Ohio Futures – Program Overview
(View PDF)
Brent Maurer
, Paul Werth & Associates

Insurance Education Day, Can We Do Better? April 10, 2013


Usage-Based Insurance: What’s on the Horizon?

(View PDF)
Katie DeGraaf, Towers Watson

Hail Yes, We Can Do Better
(View PDF) (Today Show clip on hail) (Intro clip on IBHS)

Candace IskowitzInsurance Institute for Business & Home Safety

Natural Gas Drilling’s Potential Impact on Personal Lines
(View PDF)
Charlie Kingdollar, General Re

Driven to Distraction
(View PDF)

George NickolsonState Auto Insurance Companies

OII/OAMIC/B&E Fall Seminar: Focus on the Future – October 18, 2012

The Board’s Role in Strategic Planning: Establishing Financial Goals
(View PDF)

Kevin Kinross, Bricker & Eckler LLP

OAMIC’s Focus on The Future
(View PDF)

Antonio Caxide, Chief Investment Officer, Hamilton Capital Management

Utilizing Data Segmentation
(View PDF)
Lamont Boyd, Insurance Market Director – Global Scoring Solutions, FICO

Status Report on Industry CEO Meetings
(View PDF)
Jillian Froment, Deputy Director, Ohio Department of Insurance

Insurance Update from Washington
(View PDF)
Jimi Grande
, Sr. VP, Federal & Political Affairs, NAMIC

Ohio’s Insurance Careers Initiative
(View PDF)
Cheryl Hay, Administrator-Center for Workforce Development, Columbus State Community College

Insurance Industry Research Council: Career Awareness Campaign Update
(View PDF)

Sandy Harbrecht, President & CEO, Paul Werth Associates

OII Annual Meeting August 28-29, 2012

Usage Based Insurance: Present & Future of Auto Insurance
(View PDF)
Robin Harbage
, Director, Towers Watson

Insurance Industry Resource Council: Career Awareness Campaign
(View PDF)
Sandy Harbrecht
, President and CEO, Paul Werth Associates

Insurance Education Day, March 28, 2012

Insurance: Engaging future generations
(View PDF)
Carol Blaine, Moderator

Inform and Inspire: Griffith Insurance Education Foundation
(View PDF)
Jason Terrell

Engaging Future Generations
(View PDF)
Noelle Codispoti, Gamma Iota Sigma

Inspiring Insurance Careers in College Students
(View PDF)
Matt Butts, Kent State University

Emerging issues
(View PDF)
Charlie Kingdollar, GenRe

An Economic Forecast for Insurers
(View PDF)
Dr. Steven Weisbart, Insurance Information Institute

Insurance Education Day, April 6, 2011

Hot Topics at the ODI
(View PDF)

Catherine Geyer, Ohio Department of Insurance

FICO Credit-Based Insurance Scores Score Trends in Dynamic Times
(View PDF)
Lamont Boyd, FICO Scoring Solutions

An Industry Concern: Attracting Talent to Our Industry
(View PDF)
Matthew Butts
, Kent State University

Dave Cofer, Internship Consultant, Columbus Chamber of Commerce
Eric Smith, Nationwide Insurance
Jason Terrell, Griffith Insurance Education Foundation
William Edmonds, Nationwide Insurance (Moderator)

Insurance Fraud: A Growing Concern for Everyone
(View PDF)
Joseph Wehrle
, National Insurance Crime Bureau

Fall Seminar, October 21, 2010

Inspection and Loss Control Considerations
(View PDF)
Larry Gallagher, Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company

Industry Issues Updates:
Health Care Reform

(View PDF)
Faith Williams
and Christine Poth, Bricker & Eckler, LLP

Regulatory and Judicial Update
(View PDF)
Robert Katz
and Miranda Motter, Bricker & Eckler, LLP

Insurance Update from Washington
(View PDF)
Jimi Grande

Ohio FAIR Plan Update
(View PDF)
Norm Beal
, Shawn Brace and Tracy Brininger, Ohio FAIR Plan Underwriting Association

The Social Media Minefield – Is Your Company Ready?
What You Need to Know: Employment Issues

(View PDF)
Betsy Swift
, Bricker & Eckler, LLP

What You Need to Know: Regulatory Issues
(View PDF)
Faith Williams
, Bricker & Eckler, LLP

Insurance Education Day, March 24, 2010

Driving While Intoxicated: Trends in Auto Safety and Insurance
(View PDF)
Paul Farrell, Safety First Systems

Where There’s Fire…Is There a Fire Station?
(View PDF)
Mike Waters

Insurance Meets the World of Social Media
(View PDF)
Katie Herbst
, Westfield Insurance

Understanding Generations in the Workplace
(View PDF)
James White, Sr.
, Performance Consulting

Federal Proposals: Their Impact on Insurers and Consumers Life
(View PDF)

Faith Williams, Association of Ohio Life Insurance Companies Health

Health Care Reform Update
(View PDF)
Kelly McGivern, Ohio Association of Health Plans