For Speakers: Auto, renters & homeowners insurance outline

Auto Insurance:
A. Brochure: Insurance Industry in Ohio (PDF)
B. Ohio’s Insurance Industry resources
B. Types of Property & Casualty insurance
      1. Home and personal belongings (contents)
      2. Auto
      3. Business
C. Insurance on home & contents
1. Homeowners package policy

      a. House and outbuildings
      b. Personal possessions
      c. Additional expenses for living if property damaged or destroyed
      d. Personal liability for injury to someone (except auto crashes)
      e. Personal liability for damage to another’s property (except auto crash)
2. Perils covered (property loss)

      a. Form 2 (Broad form)
      b. Form 3 (Special form)
      c. Form 4 (Tenants form)
      d. Form 6 (Condominium form)
      e. Form 8 (Modified Coverage form – named F & EC perils – ACV)
3. Personal liability coverage

      a. Bodily Injury and PropertyDamage
      b. Medical Payments to Others
4. Dwelling insurance

a. Coverage on buildings only
b. Coverage on contents only

D. Business insurance

1. Building Insurance
2. Contents Insurance
3. Loss of Income Insurance

E. Insurance for your car

1. Bodily Injury Liability
2. Property Damage Liability
3. Medical Payments
4. Collision
5. Other than Collision (Comprehensive)
6. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists

F. Ohio’s Financial Responsibility Law
Fact Pak brochure – Ohio’s FR Law
G. How insurance companies determine rates for drivers
1. Criteria

      a. Type and age of car
      b. Use of car
      c. Value of car
      d. Where you live
      e. Driving record
      f. Coverage limits
      g. Age and driver(s) classification(s): Age, sex, marital status
      h. Claims record
      i. Coverage limit
      j. Importance of maintaining good credit – Credit-based insurance score
2. Why teens pay more for insurance: Statistics show inexperienced drivers have more crashes.
(see Ohio Crash Facts)
3. Possible available discounts

      a. Driver training
      b. Good student (“B” or better average)
      c. Antitheft
      d. Multi-car
      e. Multiple policy
      f. Resident student
      g. Safety feature(s)
      h. Nondrinker and/or nonsmoker
      i. Senior defensive driver training approved course
      j. Commuters/carpools
4. How to save money on auto and homeowners insurance
H. Major causes of auto crashes
1. Driver Inexperience (see Ohio Crash Facts)
2. Speed
3. Impaired driving – drinking/drugs (see Ohio Crash Facts)
4. Distracted driving (see Ohio Crash Facts)
I. Settling insurance claims
Teens typically have no idea what to do if they’re involved in a car crash. Cover claims filing tips for auto.
Cover claims filing tips for renters/homeowners insurance losses.