3 Benefits of Becoming an Ohio Insurance Institute Member

Has your organization thought about joining an insurance association? According to The Power of the A associations play a vital role in enriching communities and creating positive change around the world.

The Ohio Insurance Institute is a member-driven trade organization comprised of property and casualty insurance companies and related organizations. Together with OII staff, member companies collaborate and make an impact on matters affecting or involving the industry.

We’re dedicated to helping the industry maintain a highly competitive and stable environment, and to establishing the industry as a trusted partner to help consumers better understand how insurance works. Becoming a member of OII allows your company to establish and achieve goals which improve the Ohio insurance industry as a whole.


1. Act as an Industry Advocate

The Ohio property and casualty insurance market is stable and growing, thanks in part to strong and fair regulation. As a member benefit we help companies navigate the political climate and we act as an industry advocate on legislation and regulations to ensure a healthy and competitive insurance environment. Our services help our members better compete to the benefit of consumers.

Members benefit by engaging in conversations about and approving amicus briefs to inform courts of potential effects of lower court decisions, impacts on Ohio’s competitive insurance market, or potential unintended consequences of a decision.

“It is very important to work together as an industry on many issues,” said Kevin Wermer, State Director – Ohio for FCCI Insurance Group. “OII brings us together around these critical issues, provides valuable information to us, and seeks our input on how best to handle the issue with other organizations or political bodies.”


2. Support Insurance Education and Workforce Development

We serve as a career development resource and collaborate with higher education institutions in our community to establish more insurance-related educational opportunities.

From online resources available through Insurance Careers to our partnership with Insurance Education Programs we help educate and prepare people interested in becoming insurance professionals.

With an estimated 29,000 insurance industry jobs needing filled by 2024, we know companies will need qualified individuals, with the right training, to help your company succeed.

As a member benefit, we offer insurance career networking opportunities, including an Ask a Pro program where industry professionals connect with students, career changers, and veterans to provide expertise. The resources we provide help get members a step closer to finding the talent for their companies needs.


3. Be Part of Something Larger

The Ohio Insurance Institute acts as Ohio’s property and casualty insurance industry’s voice on matters affecting or involving the industry. We offer a unique opportunity for members of competing companies to come together and establish goals for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

Additionally, each year, we host an Annual Meeting and Midyear Meeting. These meetings provide a chance for members to help guide the organization’s priorities, gather and discuss industry topics, speak with key political candidates, hear updates through committee reports, and engage with fellow members.

We invite you to take advantage of all that our association has to offer. Check out our Membership Information to learn more about what we do and how we can benefit your company!