Celebrating Insurance Careers Month: Highlighting Industry Employees

It’s February, and that means it’s Insurance Careers Month.

This month-long initiative aims to bring awareness about recruiting the next generation of insurance professionals, and celebrating the many opportunities a career in insurance offers.

We’ve decided to also celebrate some of the YoPros working in the industry for some of our member organizations by sharing their careers stories about how they got their start, and what working in the insurance industry means to them. Have your own insurance career story? Share it with us in the comments or on social media using #InsuranceCareersMonth!

Andrew P.

Company: Motorists Insurance Group
Job: Risk Management Specialist

How an internship led to a career.

To receive his bachelor’s degree in safety management, Andrew needed to complete a twelve-week internship in an industry or field related to safety. He hadn’t considered insurance until a friend mentioned the growing opportunities in the industry and passed along an opening with OII member, Motorists Insurance. He landed an internship with the company in the Risk Management department which soon transitioned into a full-time job.

Andrew says that what he likes about his job is that he learns new things every day as well as how to work through challenges.

“I’ve also learned that beyond my role, there are so many other roles I had never thought about that go into an insurance company,” said Andrew. “I never pictured insurance as a career path for me, but I can now see myself in the industry for many years to come.”

Mary K.

Company: Allstate
Job: Major Casualty Adjuster

Pursuing passion through a career in insurance.

Passionate about helping people, Mary thought she wanted to pursue a career in psychology. After college, she decided she wanted to consider other opportunities. That’s when she got a call from a friend about a claims assistant position, and she began her first job in the insurance industry.

That job led to her current role as a major casualty adjuster with OII member, Allstate. Mary says she enjoys talking with customers, investigating liability, and handling day to day tasks.

“Every claim and person is different, and there is always something new to learn. Working with a company like Allstate has opened up my eyes on how important insurance is and all the different roles insurance plays in one’s life,” said Mary. “I could have easily continued with my pursuit in the psychology world helping many different individuals, but I feel that I am doing that at Allstate and there is much more room for me to grow.”

Zach A.

Company: Central Insurance
Job: Marketing Manager

Exploring different career paths through insurance industry internship.

While studying different areas in college at Ball State University, it was Zach’s internship with Central Insurance before his senior year that helped him decide his career path. Zach applied for the internship after taking a few insurance classes that he found interesting, and landed the paid gig, which allowed him to explore different functions of the industry.

“I started in the mail room and then moved to services, actuary,  marketing, underwriting, and finally ended in claims. This gave me a great picture of what the insurance industry is all about and how each department functioned,” said Zach. “It helped me narrow down the career path I wanted to go down.”

Zach received his bachelor’s degree in economics and a minor in risk management and insurance. He later went on to work a full-time position with Central Insurance as a commercial lines underwriter, and is now the Eastern Ohio marketing manager.

Interested in pursuing a career in the insurance industry? Visit insurancecareers.org to find the perfect role for you, and learn what training or education is needed for your dream job!