OII RESOURCE PAGE: Dog Bite Facts, Stats & Prevention Tips

REV: May 2017
ORIGINAL: April 2017

Dog bites and related injuries accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners liability claim dollars in 2016. According to the Insurance Information Institute and State Farm, paid claims totaled over $600 million in 2016.

BY THE NUMBERS: 2016 Ohio Dog Bites

Ohio ranked 7th highest in the US, based on dog bite claims. Here are
our state stats:

  • US rank:  7th highest
  • Number of claims: 850
  • Average cost per claim: $34,265
  • Total claims paid out: $29.1 million


 Insuring Man’s Best Friend


Key resources on dog bite claims data and prevention tips include:

  • US Postal Service (USPS)
    YouTube video: Dog Bite Prevention and Awareness Tips
    The CDC reports that “dogs bite 4.5 million people” annually. One group that faces the threat of dog attacks on a daily basis is letter carriers. Each year, more than 6,000 letter carriers are victims of dog attacks. This video provides preventative measures that dog owners can take to ensure the safety of their letter carrier and their pets.