Teen Edu-games: Auto Insurance and Renters Insurance


The Key to Responsibility is our interactive edu-game aimed at teachers and students interested in learning about auto insurance and responsible driving.

The various modules help teens to better understand the importance and purpose of auto insurance in an interactive (and fun) way and includes such topics as:


  • Ohio’s Graduated Licensing Law
  • Auto insurance concepts and cost
  • Ohio’s Financial Responsibility Law
  • Real-life scenarios associated with car ownership
  • Safety and cost-savings tips
  • Steps to follow at a crash scene
  • What to expect when filing a claim

While designed for classroom use, it can also be used as a stand-alone practice tool in libraries and at home. Included are questions, classroom activity ideas and teacher resources.

Key to Responsibility Modules – start now!

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Coming soon.

OII’s renters edu-game helps students understand the importance of taking responsibility for their belongings as they begin living independently and how renters insurance provides protection for the “what ifs” in life.

Through interactive learning, students will gain understanding in such concepts as:

  • Why renters insurance
  • What’s covered and not covered by renters insurance
  • What to ask when looking for coverage
  • Coverage costs and cost-savings tips
  • How to file a renters claim and what to expect in return

An animated house demonstrates real-life losses typically covered by renters insurance. There’s also a quiz to test students on what they’ve learned, classroom activity ideas and a teen FAQs on renters insurance.

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