8 Insurance & Safety Tip Guides for the New Year


In our ongoing commitment to helping Ohioans understand insurance coverage and related safety issues, we’ve started a new series of tip sheets. Topics range from understanding the claims process, insurance discounts and cost-saving tips, to selecting a home repair contractor.

We’re listening

We’ll be adding to our tip guide library throughout the year. Let us know if you have a subject or suggestion for us to include in future editions.

See our starter hack pack to all-things insurance, then check out our complete list of online resources.

Happy New Year from the Ohio Insurance Institute.

8 insurance guides

♦  Auto & homeowners insurance cancellation laws
♦  Auto & homeowners insurance discounts
♦  Choosing a home repair contractor
♦  Insurance rating services
♦  Saving on auto & homeowners insurance
♦  Settling an auto insurance claim
♦  Settling a homeowners insurance claim
♦  Taking a home inventory


Posted: January 16, 2017