OII Named First US Recipient of a Fundación MAPFRE Social Outreach Award

OII may represent P/C insurance companies here in Ohio, but we recently received global acclaim! In early June, the Ohio Insurance Institute (OII) accepted the Fundación MAPFRE International Insurance Award. OII is the first US recipient of a social outreach award from the foundation arm of our member company, MAPFRE (@MAPFRE).

Jeff Anthony, director of government relations, accepts the award on behalf of the OII.

OII was selected from more than 400 entrants from the US, Europe and Latin America for its InsuranceCareers.org website initiative. InsuranceCareers.org is an online hub to educate the public on career opportunities in the insurance industry, with a focus on Ohio.

“We are truly honored to have been selected for this award and the opportunity it will provide for expanding our insurance careers program,” said Amanda Sklavenitis, OII director of education.

Continue reading for more about the Fundación MAPFRE International Insurance Award and OII’s plans to expand its career offerings through the generosity of the foundation award.

A goal to fill 26,000+ insurance jobs

The OII launched InsuranceCareers.org in 2012 with the goal of addressing the long-term workforce needs of our members. The insurance industry is in the midst of a unique opportunity to attract new talent from a variety of skill sets. As the established generation of insurance professionals looks to retire, at least 26,000 job openings need to be filled by 2020. And that’s just in Ohio!

InsuranceCareers.org serves as a clearinghouse where interested insurance professionals—from students to careers changers to veterans—can learn about specific career pathways, job outlooks and learn what position may be right for them.

The site features these unique assets:

InsuranceCareers.org features nearly 60 video interviews with industry experts. Check out the video below, or view the entire library via YouTube.

Recognition to further our outreach

The awards ceremony was held June 6 in Madrid. Jeff Anthony, OII director of government relations, attended the event, accepting the award from the foundation and Spanish dignitaries, including Her Majesty Queen Sofía of Spain. As an award recipient, OII received a foundation gift of 30,000 euros ($33,543) to further its insurance careers initiative through the expansion of its InsuranceCareers.org site.

News conference featuring the 2015 FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE Social Outreach Award recipients.

News conference featuring the 2015 FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE Social Outreach Award recipients.

The award provides OII the opportunity to expand the site’s outreach, including updating career video interviews, producing new content for career-seekers and more. Through InsuranceCareers.org, OII will continue its work in inspiring and educating upcoming generations about the wide array of career and professional development opportunities in insurance.

For more, see the additional links below and visit InsuranceCareers.org and explore the endless opportunities available in insurance. You can also follow us on Twitter (@InsCareersOrg) and Facebook.

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Posted: June 27, 2016