OII member spotlight: Holiday home tips

The Holidays are a time for celebration and decorative displays. So as you partake in Holiday decor, it’s important to keep your family’s safety in mind by taking proper precautions to protect loved ones from seasonal hazards.HolidayFire

According to the National Fire Protection Association (@NFPA), US fire departments responded to more than 150 structural home fires from 2007-11 caused by Holiday lighting alone. An electrical spark can ignite your tree, wires, cables, decorations, furniture and curtains, causing extensive damage.

Last month, several OII member blogs shared tips to keep both your home and loved ones safe while taking in some festive fun. The following recaps some of our favorites.

Nationwide: Enjoy fireplaces safely

Cozy fires are a staple of the season, but there is much you should consider before lighting the hearth in your home.

Nationwide Insurance (@Nationwide) shares a list of related questions to ask, even down to the best types of wood to burn. Also provided are tips on how to build the best (and safest) fire including:

  • Assess the area around the fireplace and remove all flammable objects
  • Install a stainless steel liner to keep fire and ashes contained
  • Use a heatproof, glass door to keep live embers from escaping

For more on how to safely build and enjoy a holiday fire, see Nationwide’s post, Start the Season Off Right with These Fireplace Safety Tips.

Cincinnati Insurance Companies: Curated tips for Holiday shopping safety

‘Tis the season of giving! As you venture to find the perfect gifts for those you love, Cincinnati Insurance Companies offers tips on safe shopping in- store or online.

In a recap post, Cincinnati Insurance shares such resources as:

  • 12 precautions to protect your property
  • How to reduce security risks as you shop online
  • Why you should choose your credit card wisely to protect your money

See Cincinnati’s entire list of tips and resources: Tips for a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

Allstate: Make the Holidays happy

Don’t let holiday hazards stand in the way of your cheer. Allstate Insurance (@Allstate) offers up an infographic full of reminders to keep you safe and happy during every Holiday occasion, including:

  • Party planning: Test all fire safety equipment to make sure they function properly before guests arrive
  • Holiday decorating: Avoid plugging too many lights into one outlet, which can lead to electrical malfunctions and fires
  • Shopping: Don’t leave purchases in the front seat of an unattended vehicle. Lock them up out of sight in your trunk. 

Dive into specific statistics featured in the post, Make Holidays Happy, Not Hazardous [Infographic]. For additional tips, play Allstate’s interactive game, Holiday Home Decorator.

Central Insurance: Trim your tree safely

Seasonal trees are illuminating the windows of homes across Ohio and around the world. As you get into tree-trimming mode, Central Insurance Companies (@Central_Ins) has tips to dress your tree to impress—safely:

  • If you select an artificial evergreen, be sure the tree is certified as flame retardant
  • Place your tree at least three feet away from any heat source in your home
  • Never decorate your tree with lit candles

See the post, Trim Your Tree Safely: Holiday Decorating Tips to help avoid a call to your local fire department.

Erie Insurance: Keep your pets safe this Holiday season

The Holidays are a special time to give extra attention to all members of your family—including your furry friends!

Erie Insurance (@Erie_Insurance) shares a few reminders on how to take care of your pets including:

  • Pay attention to their mood: Extra noise and visitors can be exciting for you, but stressful for them
  • Pay attention to their temperature: Make sure they stay warm as the temperatures drop
  • Provide special care in the car: Never leave them unattended, and pack a special kit of extra food, treats, toys and water to make sure their every need will be tended to.

To help take care of your furry companions, see Erie’s post, Top Holiday Pet Safety Tips.

Posted: December 12, 2014