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User guidelines as well as a back-grounder on the Ohio Insurance Institute are provided. The Preface also includes the basics of insurance and its impact on Ohio’s economy.
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Chapter includes auto insurance policy basics, factors that affect rates, and average Ohio and US auto insurance premiums. Additional topics include Ohio auto-related statistics for registered vehicles and licensed drivers, air bags, replacement parts, top selling vehicles and tips to settling claims and saving on premiums.
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Ohio and US injury and fatality facts are provided along with crash statistics by age and gender, manner of collision, weather conditions and information on uninsured drivers. Deer vehicle crash stats and Ohio fatality and injury data are also provided.
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Ohio drunk driving laws and related crash statistics are provided.
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An overview of home-owners insurance, coverage issues, premium info, catastrophes, flood insurance and factors affecting homeowners insurance are provided. Also included are cost-saving tips, a look at homeowners losses and the claims settlement process.
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Auto theft, arson and insurance fraud affect insurance costs. This chapter looks at insurance-related crimes in detail, including motor vehicle thefts around the state and across the country.
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A guide to major Ohio laws affecting auto and homeowners insurance practices is provided. Included are Ohio’s Financial Responsibility law, seat belt requirements, and insurance cancellation and graduated licensing laws. Other laws include speed limits, point system for traffic violations and Ohio’s salvage title law.
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The general reference section includes top 10 Ohio and US P/C insurers by various lines, state and national insurance trade group listings, and phone and Web directories of insurance resources. Additional topics include employment statistics, company solvency issues and insurance rating firms.
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