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Ohio’s Inspection Law for Salvage and Self-Assembled Vehicles

Ohio has a vehicle inspection requirement for all vehicles that are self-assembled or salvaged. It’s important to be aware of this law, especially if you’re obtaining a vehicle after it has been considered a “total” loss by an insurance company. Before owners can obtain a vehicle title, an inspection must be completed by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The purpose of this inspection is to verify the ownership of all the vehicle parts and to review all required documentation. It is not intended to certify the vehicle’s safety, road worthiness or the quality of workmanship. The cost is $50 per inspection.

Inspection process

  • Obtain an inspection application at any Deputy Registrar location.
  • Complete and return the inspection application, along with the $50 payment, to any Deputy Registrar location. Acceptable forms of payment are a certified check or money order, payable to Treasurer, State of Ohio.
  • Contact the nearest area Ohio State Highway Patrol Salvage Inspection Location to arrange for an appointment (see chart below). You must provide the receipt number from the $50 inspection fee in order to make an inspection appointment.
  • Provide all required documentation for the salvage inspection at the scheduled appointment (see documentation list below).
Documentation Required at Vehicle Inspections
For salvage and self-assembled vehicles
Salvage vehicle
Ohio salvage title in the name of the person applying for the title.
Note: Assigned and out-of-state salvage titles cannot be accepted.
Titles, receipts and documentation for all replaced “major component parts”* including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the source vehicle.
Note: Receipts obtained from a casual sale by an individual must be notarized. Photocopies of receipts cannot be accepted.
x x
Inspection officer may require receipts or documentation of any part of questionable origin. x x
A receipt of the $50 inspection fee. x x
When “kits” are used, the manufacturer’s certificate of origin must be presented.   x

* Major component parts listed below
Source: Ohio State Highway Patrol

Inspection procedures

  • Vehicle must be completely rebuilt and ready for highway operation.
  • Before either a salvage or self-assembled inspection is conducted, all receipts and documents will be examined. Inspection will not be conducted if any items are missing, incorrect or incomplete.
  • Individual presenting the vehicle for inspection will be permitted in the inspection area only when authorized by the inspecting officer.
  • Applicant may be instructed to remove certain vehicle body parts before arriving for the inspection. During inspection, it may be necessary to remove certain parts to allow examination of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN). Also, it may be necessary to leave the vehicle overnight.
  • Any vehicle or component part bearing a VIN or VIN derivative determined to be stolen/missing or altered will result in the vehicle being impounded and held as evidence and/or seized for forfeiture.

Failure to meet all these requirements necessitates a rescheduling of the inspection.

Check the history of a vehicle

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles offers free online vehicle title searches through their Web site at Titles can be searched by VIN or title number for vehicles from March 1993 to present. Or, take the VIN to your county’s title bureau. For $2 you can obtain info regarding the mileage, whether the vehicle was a “lemon” or was crashed and written as a salvaged vehicle. If the county doesn’t have information about a specific vehicle, contact the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles title section (614-752-7671).

Another option would be to contact CarFax Inc. (, a company that collects info from all 50 states. A one-time Internet search costs $19.99, while $24.99 will buy you an unlimited search for a 30-day period.

Source: Ohio State Highway Patrol

Americans spend 4.5 billion hours a year in traffic, burning 7 billion gallons of
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